Day Trip

Hot summer days outside, so Gwen and I have decided to take a trip up into the mountains for a couple of days. We needed a few supplies though so while she ran inside the store, I remained outside by our car and luggage. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) [AK Deluxe] - Cleo Bento... Continue Reading →

Space Queen

Awaiting the others, she stood upon the cliff, the wind tossing about the cape about her shoulders. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Stargazer Creations - Skin Set - Quicksilver Includes appliers for Uni Ears, Omega for eyes, nails, and skin M/F, plus system skins and eyes. Catwa - Catya head Maitreya - Lara body,... Continue Reading →

Blue Fairy

The blue fairy was the granter of wishes for the local children. She appeared in their dreams, adorned in blue with blue hair as well and with a sweet smile would comfort them. Many children would call out to her when they were having an emotional time, though if they were being bullied, that task... Continue Reading →

Fairy Fae Lavender

Sasheba's Closet created some cute items for the KT Creator's Festival to help raise funds for the World Autism Foundation. The outfit is called Flora Fae - Purple Iris and is a 25L special sale item. It includes mesh dress and wings, earrings and headpiece. They also have a couple of 10L hunt items shown... Continue Reading →

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