The Study

A great place to work on the blog, surrounded by lots of leather furnishings and of course our favorite dogs.  Sahi Designs is at the RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6   with some fantastic items for us. Shown here is the The Executive Den - Cedar Mini Pack... Continue Reading →

What a Fine Day

 Gorgeous day outside, it's a calm before the coming storms this weekend and I'm totally enjoying this fresh spring afternoon. The trees are showing off their gorgeous foliage for our pleasure. Thanks to The Little Branch, we can have spring weather all the time, or any season we desire with these beautiful trees they have... Continue Reading →

Mother of Dachshunds

She commanded the most ferocious of beasts, the dachshunds walked behind her, proud majestic beasts that they were. She was their pack mom and they obeyed her completely, well sometimes, often, ok ok once in a while. 7 Deadly s[K]ins has a lovely skin out there for you ladies. The Femma skin comes in the... Continue Reading →

My Tulip Field

 I love this time of year, though it is a short lived one, when the tulips bloom and fill the yard with such vibrant colors. We aren't getting much rain here so I decided to water them today and give two of the dogs some time outside while it was warm.  The great poses used... Continue Reading →

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