Battle Fairy

  Enchantment is open and this round the theme is Lord of the Rings. I ventured out to check out their hunt and got a few great items!  I was able to set up a great fantasy scene with items included from The Gacha Life and other great designers. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print)... Continue Reading →

The Wishful Cabin

  With some fantastic decor items from some very talented creators, I was able to set up a little spot for Gwen and I to relax. Serenity Style - Wishful Cabin is an exclusive at the new Boardwalk event November 15th - December 15th. November. Copy/Mod with a 3 curtain texture by touch menu  This... Continue Reading →

Time To Get To Work

Hot day, spending time under the fans, but I know I have to get my work done. So, I settled down into our new workspace and starting to load things up. Really enjoying this set up, makes writing much better when one is relaxed. Serenity Style designed the lovely Working Space Set. It includes chair,... Continue Reading →

Home Decorating

Let's talk about home furnishings. I have a couple of fantastic finds to show you which would be great in your home. First, there is the Let's Back gacha by Serenity Style which can be found at the The Liaison Collaborative from January 7-30th. This gacha includes the kitchen rack, pans, baking tools, flour, rolling... Continue Reading →

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