The Dog Rescue

We decided to start a dog rescue. Gwen and I love all of our dogs and cannot stand to see any out and about, lost without  a home. Adopt today! .:Short Leash:. - Cozy Kennel Though this is originally created for a different sort of "Puppy", it is great for those dogs we have in... Continue Reading →

Neon NIghts

She was cool, calm and collected while waiting in the lounge at the club for her party. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The Face - Natacha Available in several skin tones (shown here in  SPF 40 Fiore Tone) This includes the Catwa  applier with brown brows, no eyebrow option, the shape for Maitreya/Catwa,... Continue Reading →

Not Vanilla Love

Twe12ve is open again and with it comes this month's theme :Kinky. So, I put together some of the risque items you can find at the event, along with some at the other events happening now by Evil Bunny Productions. 4 events happening at once right now! Also to add a classy touch to the... Continue Reading →

Damn Cupid

I really have no idea what or who I just stepped on, but I am sure Gwennie will let me know when she gets home. In the meantime, I'll continue to stumble my way around the room in hopes of finding a spot to sit down. Sure hope this can of spray will get rid... Continue Reading →

Silent Night..

Snow is falling outside, blanketing the ground with those plush white layers. The sunlight streams through the windows and it's quiet as could be within. But even such tranquility is free of some whimsical conversation starters. Shopping List  MOoH! - Christmas snowglobe This is an exclusive hunt item for Grumpy Santa Hunt  Dec 3 -... Continue Reading →

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