Sunny Days

Shopping List All items shown are avaiable during the Twisted - Divine Hunt - Divine March 1-31 Simply Designed - Divine Love Twisted  This lovely cake hunt gift comes in both biggie and petite sizes. Roped Passions - Twisted Divine Mushrooms These are part of the mini hunt happening at their main store during the... Continue Reading →

Goddess Sighting

Sometimes we are able to glimpse the goddess out in the garden with her horses. An ethereal light glowing off of them. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The Face - Natacha Available in several skin tones (shown here in  SPF 45 Fiore Tone) This includes the Catwa  applier with brown brows, no eyebrow... Continue Reading →

Angelic Get Together

We are having a little get together to discuss all things divine and what is more divine than cupcakes ooo and fudge! hmmm? { collect } - Divine Spring Set Includes side table and fan art, this is a hunt gift for the Twisted - Divine Hunt - Divine March 1-31 Dekute Dekore - has... Continue Reading →


 A quiet evening in after a night out dancing with our partners, Rodd and I decided to settle into the great vintage room he has set up and his home for a much needed nightcap. AERLINNIEL Skin and Appearance Skin: The super cute skin and shape that I am wearing is Aspen - Freckled in... Continue Reading →

Give Them Cake

  Mmm such a great bounty of sweets to greet us as we went to visit our *coughs* aging parents. They are really into that retro stuff and well, it is sort of growing on me as well. I mean, look at this stuff! It's great! They just don't make stuff like that anymore. The... Continue Reading →

Wedding Preparations

It's her wedding day and she is looking over things to make sure it is set up just right. The beautiful deep reds and blacks of a Gothic wedding seen in the wonderful colosseum, the fantastic tables and chairs, and even the wedding cake with a captured rose within. Her dress is a deep red... Continue Reading →

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