Froggy Went a Courtin

 Out in the woods sits a little house of strange color, it stands out amidst the green of the neighboring foliage. The strangest thing seen was the inhabitants who once lived there, a beautiful princess and her devoted companion. Or at least, she was beautiful once before the magic became mismanaged and turned them both... Continue Reading →

Altered Reality

 I had come home from the fair to find some changes had occured in our home. It looked like our daughter, Moony had moved in with all the tentacles on the loose. But, the most disturbing thing was the creatures, yes...creatures inhabiting the bedroom! Especially one very big fat ummm thing..on the bed. I stood... Continue Reading →

The Grand Opening Party

 It was the party of the year! All of the town's citizens had been invited to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Arkham Sanitarium. A place where their loved ones with special peculiarities could get the very best care with Nurse Ratchet, Doctor Payne, and the special needs surgeon, Doctor Butcher. Oh it was going... Continue Reading →

Simply Elegant

Some great gacha items at  Gacha Life's August Glam round August 5-31,  were used to decorate this classy little corner of our home. Simply Shelby  created the 3D Butterfly Print hanging on the wall. This is part of the Glitzy Butterfly Gacha, which consists of 12 common, 4 uncommon and 6 rare items ro collect.... Continue Reading →


The Little Branch - Swamp Oak 100% mesh, animated trees include a 4 seasons by touch menu. They are instant rez so no lag involved and are exclusives at the Liaison Collaborative July 3-26. Also shown by The Little Branch is the 100% mesh Animated Snakeweed, and 100% mesh animated Buffalograss.v2. Both available at the... Continue Reading →

Midsummers Enchantment

At the end of the world, beside the forest by the sea, rests a quaint little cottage which floats upon the water. Here, the locals claim you can see a fairy or two and other mystical beings during the midsummer months.    Skin and Appearance Skin: The Plastik has a new line of skins for... Continue Reading →

Garden of Memories

 Sitting among the flowers, I take time in the morning air to enjoy the sun as it rises, spreading it's light over the garden of memories. Not many can see me hidden away in this tiny section of our forest, and that's just the way I like it. As long as one of my pups... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

 It's a New Year! That means 364 days to be bad again! Celebrate good times! Woot! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Ginger Omega Face and Body skin appliers which come in several great skin tones. Oak worn here. These will be making their debut at the Cosmetic Fair Feb 15th - 28th 2018 Also... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Weather

 Such a gorgeous day outside!! The animals are even coming out to play and we are getting the first little glimpses of the fall colors painting the leaves. I got to enjoy the sweet late summer air with some bears and chipmunks, while wearing a great outfit that is perfect for this time of year.... Continue Reading →

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