Elevator Selfies

So, the elevator stopped and I'm stuck in here while everyone is up on the top floor partying it up for the annual work party. I was all dressed up and ready to have some fun, even brought along a little partner in crime to scare some of the weaker characters. Meh, at least I... Continue Reading →

SL Christmas Expo Opens

Today, December 1st, the 2017 SL Christmas Expo opened and will run through Sunday, December 10th. ! Shopping, Entertainment & More in support of the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 70 merchants spread out over 4 regions will offer shopping for Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more. Forty-five live performances, DJ... Continue Reading →

Cozy Christmas Lodge

What an amazing view from our Cozy Christmas Lodge! This fully furnished skybox by Divias Design, has so much to offer! Just look at all of these fantastic pictures, it's the perfect home for anyone and takes up so little room. This lodge is 16 x 26 and only 97 prims. It even comes with... Continue Reading →

The Music of Christmas

I was so happy to receive this beautiful grand piano for Christmas, I sat down immediately to play a few songs that I knew from memory. The Grand Pianos - Christmas Edition by Dekute Decor , come in your choice of black or white. They are 100% Original Mesh & Materials. Included are original male... Continue Reading →

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