There Was a House of Magical Rumor

Sitting alone in the big house caused people to talk about the lonely lady within. Tales of magic and intrique moved the tongues of many a busy-body while rushing past the gates. She wasn't any different from anyone else, she just had a gift and apparently enjoyed the shadows. Something New created the great pose... Continue Reading →

Starting up the Gardens

What a great time of year out on the shore. I decided it was time to get busy with some of my gardening and of course, one of the puppies decided to dress up for the occasion, isn't she a pretty flower? Thanks to ENIIPose for creating this cute Garden Table pose complete with the... Continue Reading →

Come To The Dark Side

Come to the Darkside they said, we have cookies, they said. I haven't found any cookies, but I have found some fantastic stuff to keep me happy here. I am wearing Maureen in Caramel from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin features a one touch Hud to apply both the face and the body with five... Continue Reading →

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