Stop Diabetes! -Collab Post

Collaboration Post with Gwen Gudkov and Model Rodd Stark See Gwen's Blog Here: Gwennie's Fashion Statements "Aerlinniel and I dragged poor Rodd along with us to do some shopping. As usual he started to complain about his feet hurting and whining about how much longer we were going to be. We gave in a little... Continue Reading →

Who Says You Can’t Have Christmas On The Beach

We live in a warm climate, with sparkling clear blue waters, sandy beaches and the open air. But sooo felt like we needed to get into the holiday mood around here, so we enlisted the help of some elves and they built this fantastic Christkindl Express - Rideable Toy Train Scenery. The name of the... Continue Reading →

Cinda Shirley

Tick Tock, the clock could be heard as the minutes counted down. She knew she would have to leave soon but wanted just one more dance, one more chance to be with her lover and to enjoy her beautiful new dress. Time had run out and as she rushed out of the ballroom and to... Continue Reading →

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