Never Keep a Girl Waiting

Where was Rodd?! I was waiting and waiting for a ride home and he never showed up. Lucky that I had a cold coffee in my hand or I may have been ready for murder when I finally got home from the shopping center. I had to call a cab, you know how expensive those... Continue Reading →

Sleepless In Seattle

Sometimes it is just good to sit at home and relax. Listening to the dog as he snores in his sleep and work on updating my blog posts with pencil and pad in hand. I love my new furniture, it is in lovely neutral colors and perfectly fit the ambiance of the room. Pictured are... Continue Reading →

Morning Rituals

Ohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm a great way to start the morning off is a bit of yoga and sparring. My opponent at the dojo managed to give me a black eye and cut lip but I did far worst to them. It was such a tranquil and quite spot where I chose to do my positions and meditate... Continue Reading →

She Cried Her Eyes Out

Her little friend had come up missing and she suspected foul play. She had searched everywhere for him,and not even a clue was found to his whereabouts. They were going to go out today, maybe spend time walking in the park, shopping, or whatever. Now, there would be no time together, and she sat down... Continue Reading →

A Toast to You

Sexy club wear is a hit this season, even as the parties of the Holidays wind down. I am still finishing up some of this champagne and wanted to make a toast to all of you, my readers and sponsors, for making this past year so wonderful! With fantastic creations, amazing support and just making... Continue Reading →

Just a Lil Flooding

Standing here on the dock, watching various items float about in the water, the couches, other furniture, and this tilting tower. Should I be worried? Not a bit, because I am feeling invincible in my new outfit and nothing's going to stop me now. I took these pictures at the sim, Black Kite using the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Fall Morning

  I took one of the dachshunds and our newest labrador puppy out for a walk this morning through the tall grasses that were growing. All this wandering to prepare for Halloween decorating. I did sneak in and pick up a few things while I was out shopping earlier today. Good thing Gwennie doesn't know... Continue Reading →

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