She’s Gonna Getcha Getcha Getcha

Today is the day! Gacha Good- Winter is Coming December 8-31st has opened!! Lots of fun stuff to show you so be sure to scroll all the way down. I'm riding this great train which is a pose prop called Full Steam Ahead, by Something New. It has an adult pose in the back and... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Fall Morning

  I took one of the dachshunds and our newest labrador puppy out for a walk this morning through the tall grasses that were growing. All this wandering to prepare for Halloween decorating. I did sneak in and pick up a few things while I was out shopping earlier today. Good thing Gwennie doesn't know... Continue Reading →

Demons Lurking

After a morning of planning and playing around taking a few pictures, we decided to plan an afternoon of mayhem on our motorcycles. It took a while to figure it out and before we knew it the time had slipped past and now it was well beyond lunch time. But, it was so much fun... Continue Reading →


I haven't a clue how I ended up in this bottle. The last thing I remember, I was dancing it up on stage, singing some great 20's tunes, and the next thing I know, here I am, waking up. Well, at least I'm on our beach, hopefully Gwennie will notice I'm out here at some... Continue Reading →

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