Cathedral of Lost Souls

The Twisted Hunt-Victorian Gothic Sept 1-30 is happening now and Sweet Revolutions has an amazing prize for all of us! Follow the great mini hunt with hints and adventure from area to area, meet some of the residents of this land and follow the hints to the final spot where you will find the main... Continue Reading →

The Gypsy and the Villager

There's a tale among the villagers of a time when a lonely gypsy caravan came to visit. Bringing many wonders along such as whispers of fairies, monsters and other mystical beings. Even the forest creatures would draw close to the strange inhabitants, curious of what tales would be told. But, a friendship developed between the... Continue Reading →

Killer Cupid

Just sitting here on our new love couch, minding my own business and in comes Cupid, well, I think it is Cupid anyways! He hasn't been eating very well if it is, I casually glance over at his skeletal form and blink as he shoots an arrow at me! What the...???? Oh yeah, it is... Continue Reading →

Tower of Lost Souls

Somewhere up in the Tower of The Lost Souls, sat a cage. The cage was empty and solitude reigned above in the clouds, but there was still an ethereal sense to the place. Was a malevolent spirit roaming about in the dark corners, or was it just one's imagination? ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ created this amazing, Tower... Continue Reading →

Loordes 5

 Credits- Poses- Dream Print  - Blogging Two '15 Pose Fair 2015 Props- Sweet Revolutions ~*SR*~ Cherry Blossom White Arch Way ~*SR*~ Cherry Blossom Forest Tree`s  White Clothing & Accessories- Loordes of London -Killing Time-#1 White Rabbit Hunt -Ring of Gullion-#6 Pretty Handsome Hunt -La Mans Shirt-#17 Secret Wednesday -La Boheme Bag-Uniques-#2 -Malindi Leggings-#7 1... Continue Reading →

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