Chasing the Fairy

I ran out of the house because I could hear soft giggling in the woods. They all said to beware,for it meant the fae were out to play. But that was the entire point! My favorite little fairy was near and I was going to join her for some magical times within the sparkling lights... Continue Reading →

Road to NoWhere

One of the best therapies in the world is what we bikers fondly call, wind therapy. The feel of the wind as it blows through your hair, over your face while you ride with no set destination, just simply to get out there and ride. Because it's not about the destination with us, it's simply... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Spring

7 Deadly s[K]ins created this gorgeous new skin for us called, Hawai.  This is a face applier skin based on the AK Asya mesh head (worn here with Catwa Catya mesh head and Maitreya body), this skin is available in several skin tones, each box containing 5 eyebrow versions, blonde, red, brown, black and no... Continue Reading →

Garden of Memories

A beautiful garden with special flowers and trees which we planted for our loved ones that have already crossed over to the other side. It's a great place to come and relax a bit. Image Essentials created the pose set - Sweet as Honey which comes with 5 poses and mirrors. [NyDesign]  designed the feminine... Continue Reading →

Foggy Morning

It's a foggy day out there, not sure if I want to bother going out or not. Nope, I am staying close to home so being comfy is a priority. Sure glad I have on some great comfy clothing right now. The poses used in this post are the Grunge collection by Something New, exclusive... Continue Reading →

Femme Fatale

Beautiful, dangerous, sexy,are just a few words to describe this look. The pose used in this post are the Black Widow pose, a single static pose with menu for adjusting, single object to rezz with hide/show chat control and mesh gun by SamPoses for #Hashtag April 15-30 . Another exclusive at the event is the... Continue Reading →

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