Like a Fairytale.

I didn't dare move, silent as could be while the hummingbird came so close I could feel the air from the rapid flapping of wings. He looked right at me and I looked back, before he dashed away in search of flowers. It was a magical night, the scrying pool had been active and I... Continue Reading →

The Gypsy and the Villager

There's a tale among the villagers of a time when a lonely gypsy caravan came to visit. Bringing many wonders along such as whispers of fairies, monsters and other mystical beings. Even the forest creatures would draw close to the strange inhabitants, curious of what tales would be told. But, a friendship developed between the... Continue Reading →


Sooo we got some new furniture, which I had to set up and check out, of course. I rather enjoyed all of it and even got to strike a few sexy pole dancing poses. I felt just like Gaia probably would, wearing some fantastic pale skin, and makeup with a wonderful outfit. ::WetCat:: created the... Continue Reading →

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