Watching Over the Bay

Dressed to sparkle and get that great tan, she set out to work her job at the beach. It was a remote beach and was usually empty except for holidays but she didn't mind, it meant more time to kick back and relax. But, she always remained vigilant and ready if an emergency arose, such... Continue Reading →

She Could Be Vicious At Times

I met a new friend who wandered up to our porch tonight. He was trembling and frightened from the fireworks going on around town and got off his lead. I took him inside and kept him safe until I could figure out where he came from. Please remember your pets during this holiday season and... Continue Reading →

Yummy Watermelon

Mmmm this is sooooo good! Nothing better than a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot day at the beach! Decided to come check out this lighthouse and enjoy the ocean for a bit. It is sure pretty out here at :nostos:deer:   Something New created the pose and prop called, Take A Bite for... Continue Reading →

Mystic in Space

7 Deadly s[K]ins brings a new skin to the table for us with the gorgeous Hawai. A face applier skin based on the AK Asya mesh head (worn here with Catwa Catya mesh head and Maitreya body), this skin is available in several skin tones, each box containing 5 eyebrow versions, blonde, red, brown, black... Continue Reading →

Summer Dreams

While sitting out front and resting on my new Verocity Wooden Bench, I enjoyed the warmth of the  day. Finally, a clear blue sky and no rain, it has been a long winter and I look forward to summer. I dressed in a cooler outfit today, this Evangeline Bodysuit in Ruby by TRS Designs. An... Continue Reading →

Sexy on the Beach

 A great day to go to the beach can be possible any day in SL if you visit Baja Bay. I was enjoying myself with a great subtle tan and sexy new outfit on. Something New created this great pose set called, Model Me, which are one of their Slap & Dash Boards prizes, yes... Continue Reading →

Lucky Charms

Sitting outside and enjoying the evening with some of the wolf pack, the young leprechaun with the smart-ass t-shirts began to plot how many folks she would get to pinch on St Patrick's Day. The great outside furniture is a creation by An Lema for The Alchemy March 1-20th. The Promise of Spring Bench set... Continue Reading →

Feeling Under The Weather

Not feeling real great right now, and this cat of course jumps up  here, seeking to provide some comfort. I have my medication in hand, a warm comfy quilt over me and a trusty box of kleenex.  Something New made the great gacha collection of Under the Weather props with poses, including a RARE couple... Continue Reading →


 Wanted: One very small and chubby imp impersonating a cherub. Considered armed and dangerous approach with caution. Believed to be responsible for several deaths around the area. This hilarious Betrayed by Cupid Pose by North Moon is an exclusive at The Alchemy, Feb 1-20th and will never be sold again after the event. At only... Continue Reading →

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