The Elves are Escaping

Click to enlarge  Shopping List Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop - Fantasy Glowing Flowers Field These beautiful flowers in 2 versions are a prize for the Naughty or Nice hunt Dec 1-31 Dictatorshop -  Frosty Swing - Multiversion v1.0 The Frosty Swings are a Seduction Fair exclusive and are only sold there from December 7-21 at... Continue Reading →

The Witches Home

Click on picture to enlarge for close ups We snuck into the witches home while she was away to show you just how such magical folk live. The lovely Carraway Living Room by Dekute Dekore includes the copiable chair, couch, side table and coffee table. These available at the Twisted Sockdolanger RFL event and mini... Continue Reading →

Gardens and Music

What a gorgeous and wonderful day today, the sunflowers are growing so well and one of the pups has made some new friends. Those rascals sure get into a lot of mischief, but it's times like this that I just can't be too mad at them.  This adorable garden decoration is a creation by The... Continue Reading →

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