Magik Cabin

Such a magical forest and centered within was the witch's cabin with the doors depicting the Tree of Life upon them. Dragon Magick Wares - Elemental A-Frame An exclusive at Winters Hollow Dec 14-31, this is a 2 story mesh home with a 17x25.5 footprint and is only 53 prims. There is a demo available... Continue Reading →

Blues Not So Bad

Absolutely nothing in the world, well at least my world, is as soothing as blue in it's various tones. Skin and Appearance Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely YOGA skin. Based on the LAQ Gaia mesh head, this is available in your choice of light or dark skin pack with 7 tones each. There... Continue Reading →

Ghost Bride

She wanders through the night. Her wedding was what one would call red as her groom was cut down before her very eyes. Lost in the shadows of the night, she strikes fear into those who are responsible. This is her domain now. Skin and Appearance Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the beautiful Clover based... Continue Reading →

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