Paper Plane Insanity

  Kaerri- Autumn Sunflower Arrangement, Iris & Lily Pail, Glam Orchid Arrangement, Pink Bowl Arrangement 68Main Exclusives 7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful skin about to make a debut this coming week. Mint is an Omega mesh head applier based skin modeled after the LAQ bento face, Gaia. It includes 7 skin tones. The Omega... Continue Reading →

Gardens and Music

What a gorgeous and wonderful day today, the sunflowers are growing so well and one of the pups has made some new friends. Those rascals sure get into a lot of mischief, but it's times like this that I just can't be too mad at them. ┬áThis adorable garden decoration is a creation by The... Continue Reading →

Here Piggy Piggy

There's no way to deny it, guinea pigs are amazing little creatures. These little rodents aren't pigs at all but are more closely related to rabbits. Within minutes of birth, the young are walking about, this is a survival mechanism they have born of the wild. They are affectionate loving and intelligent little creatures who... Continue Reading →

Sassy Shay On A Rainy Day

Ventured out of the house today and walked about the small business district next door. Decided I needed to get in some exercise, despite the fact that it was raining. Besides, it is sooo much fun to splash in the puddles! I decided to dress for my workout, by wearing this fantastic Shay Jumpsuit with... Continue Reading →

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