Palm Tree Grove

We have landscaped our yard with lots of great palm trees of different varieties, along with some wild grass by Little Branch . I love the look of all of the different trees in our yard. These are great for beach themed lands. You can find all of these at Summerfest '19 June 21 -... Continue Reading →

Landscaping at the Beach House

Gwennie and I have a new beach house and I love the look of these Japanese Maple Shrubs in the yard. These are created by The Little Branch as an exclusive at The Men's Dept April 5-28. They are 100% mesh, animated, include a 4 seasons texture change by touch and instant rez with zero... Continue Reading →

Country Manor

 Time to visit the country manor and enjoy some peace and quiet.  The Little Branch  - AmurCorkTree This is animated with a 4 Seasons texture change menu. It is 100% mesh, instant rez , zero lag and a exclusive at Uber February 25-March 22.  The Little Branch  - Grass.V4 It is 100% mesh, instant rez,... Continue Reading →

Crisp Morning Air

Little Branch created the beautiful trees and grasses shown in this post. The KoreanBeech.v2 is an animated, 4 season (by touch) tree, which is 100% mesh and an exclusive for Enchantment Nov 10-Dec 3. The WildBirch, also an animated, 4 season tree is an exclusive at The Mens Dept Nov 5-30. Also shown by The... Continue Reading →

Under the Stars

 Loving the great weather and opportunity to be outside enjoying it. The Plastik created the lovely Maxwell Chaise as an exclusive for Shiny Shabby June 20-July 15. It is 100% custom mesh, copy and modifiable, and even includes a 30 color texture change hud with 4 different color change zones! Gorgeous addition to your decor... Continue Reading →

Summer Sparkles

Another gorgeous scene outside with the light from the sun catching on the ornaments in the garden and making the leaves on the trees sparkle. The Little Branch has created another beautiful work of art in the Spring Blossoms Tree. This tree is animated with a 4 seasons texture change by touch menu so you... Continue Reading →

Chilly Morning

More beautiful items from The Little Branch presented here. They created some beautiful new trees  out at events now.  The OrangeBlossom tree is animated and includes a seasons texture change hud. It is instant rez, and zero lag to set up. A beautiful addition to your landscaping. You can find this at the Chapter 4... Continue Reading →

The Faire is Coming!

 Pugsly and I are sooooo excited! Why? Because on the 19th of April the Fantasy Faire 2018 opens!! That's right, that amazing event that is held once a year to raise funds for the Relay for Life. With all of the amazing fantasy items and great entertainment, auctions, quests, etc! Oh we just can't wait!!... Continue Reading →

Trees are Budding

I LOVE this time of year! The animals are all waking up again, the trees have buds on their branches, flowers are blooming and of course, I get to enjoy this year round in SL thanks to The Little Branch.   The tree to the left is the Wild Linden Tree which is animated for... Continue Reading →

What a Fine Day

 Gorgeous day outside, it's a calm before the coming storms this weekend and I'm totally enjoying this fresh spring afternoon. The trees are showing off their gorgeous foliage for our pleasure. Thanks to The Little Branch, we can have spring weather all the time, or any season we desire with these beautiful trees they have... Continue Reading →

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