On To Better Things

I recruited Rodd's wife, Sarlah Stark, into posing with me this time so I could show you a few more items from the Gacha Good Event - The Best is Yet to Come, before it ends February 15th.  While I show you these fantastic items and more, Sarlah has some great group gift items to... Continue Reading →

Je T’Aime

    #Hashtag brings us Hash In Love February 13-30th. Lots of wonderful items including this lovely pose show in the picture below by SamPoses called, Like It Or Not.  This is a single static pose based in a pose stand which has a hide/show option. I also used the post set by Verocity called,... Continue Reading →

Sorting the Old Vinyls

Sorting through some of our old records, I paused to look at one in particular with "oldie" classic rock and chuckled. It wasn't old to us, it was as if it was yesterday and still the preferred music we listen to. .:String Me Up:. created the great prop with pose called, Music Is My Boyfriend... Continue Reading →

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