Patio Living

I am loving this great backyard patio and decor from some great designers at Boardwalk May 15 - June 15 Persnickity - Patio with Wicker Set  Includes Patio w/stone walls 5Li, Texture change chairs with sitting animations 6 Li, Table 5Li, Chese platter 1Li, Wine bottles 2 Li, Bread platter 1 Li, Wine bottle opener... Continue Reading →

Beach Retreat

Welcome to our beach house, nestled beside a cliff, we enjoy peace and quiet and the sounds of the ocean as the waves lap upon the shore. The best part of it all is this great home we get to enjoy. Glas Houses  - Scher  This home has 3 rooms with 2 entrances to the... Continue Reading →

Winter Oasis

I was sooo hungry and couldn't find a spot to rest and get a bite to eat, when suddenly I saw this great little place to pick up a burger. Mmmmm I'm in heaven. Of course, I had to give the little animals a treat as well. Shopping List These items are exclusives at Boardwalk January... Continue Reading →

Hawaiian Style

SHOPPING LIST Outside the Box! - Outdoor Style Wicker Chair PG. Includes Solo, Bentoe Cuddle and SEQ Bento Cuddle animations. Also a texture change menu.An exclusive at the Aloha Fair  August 25 - Sept 7 .:Tm:.Creation -  "Aloha" Floor Bed and Decors BE5 Available in PG or Adult versions. The PG Version includes 264 animations... Continue Reading →

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