Eye See You

My new friend came over to visit for a bit. Some would be a bit freaked out by her general appearance, but I simply accept that she is two eye stalks without a body. Not much of a conversationalist, but that's alright, sometimes you find a friend who is so wonderful that talking isn't necessary.... Continue Reading →

Gonna Get Lucky

Lounging about as the warm sunlight caresses my skin, I am enjoying some quiet time while Gwennie sleeps. With St Patrick's Day drawing closer, I love showing off my Irish roots, but don't pinch me, I pinch back! The prop used in this post is Meridienne by Image Essentials. A lovely lounger in neutral colors... Continue Reading →

Lucky Charms

Sitting outside and enjoying the evening with some of the wolf pack, the young leprechaun with the smart-ass t-shirts began to plot how many folks she would get to pinch on St Patrick's Day. The great outside furniture is a creation by An Lema for The Alchemy March 1-20th. The Promise of Spring Bench set... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel to NoWhere

This tunnel sits along the rows of shops in a suburban area with a gothic taste. Nothing ever comes from down there, though I have heard about certain ghost stories, of those too curious, finding themselves face to face with the shining light of a train. I ventured out of my humble abode to look... Continue Reading →


I thought I would get some practice in with my new crop, but these folks were already kneeling and they never moved! Even stranger is that they were all green, and huge! Did I shrink? Well, either way, I think I look rather good tonight. Pictures taken at  OpeRaAnxiEty by JadeYu Fhang Get Frocked designed... Continue Reading →

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