Crime and Laundromats

 Just an ordinary day in the city, waiting on my laundry to dry while the police are trying to kick everyone out and putting up danger tape. Just goes to show, you never can tell what will happen next. But, I am not moving until I have my clean undies for the week!    7... Continue Reading →

Coffee Date in the Garden

 Adorably Strange Wares created this amazing Casual Coffee Date collection as an exclusive for the Truth or Dare Affair 3 Feb 3-28. . It consists of several small pieces which you can pick and choose to set your scene.  There is the Casual Coffee Date Coffee Set with the Coffee Tins, Pot, Espresso Maker, Hanging... Continue Reading →

Totally Devoted

 So for this post I had 2 of our models step in to do the pose for us. Thank you Rodd and Sarlah Stark! The pose used is Devoted to You by Something New. The motorcycle which was used as a prop in this is the Indian Road Master Chopper by Black Widow. What They... Continue Reading →

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