Butterfly Love

Adventure is always at hand when in Second Life. Such as this beautiful sim I came across called, Whimberly A fantastic place to take pictures, I brought out my Kim pose set by .:Joplino:.. This includes 5 poses + mirrors and is an exclusive at Suicide Dollz June 25 - July 7. I have on... Continue Reading →


Totally sexy is the Latisha Outfit by GeMyles. This item is an exclusive at the Fitmesh Designers Expo July 1-21 and includes collar, net body suit and bikini top in fitmesh, mesh body and classic mesh sizes. Included is a 32 color texture hud for all parts. Matching Thigh High boots with side mesh panels... Continue Reading →


Magical, dark and mysterious is how I would describe this look. Some fantastic items by wonderful creators compiled together. Step into my parlor, but do not touch anything or you may not be able to leave...ever.. Shown above are some great items by Sn@tch. The Velvet hair is an exclusive item at Midsummer Enchantment June... Continue Reading →

Lazy Summer Day

Lazy days of summer will soon be upon us and I can't wait! Sitting out in the warm sunshine with bare feet and sporting that newly earned tan. Of course, having fantastic things to wear is always a plus too!! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Hawai skin. A face applier skin based on the... Continue Reading →

Rockin It Vintage Style

Rockin It Vintage Style Venturing out, I decided to wander over to the Vintage Fairgrounds and check out the area. It was full of vintage memorabilia, old vehicles, shops that spoke of a time past, and of course plenty of shopping with all the wonderful goods from talented designers. 7 Deadly s{K}ins brings us the... Continue Reading →

Strong Emotions

So, I get this call about my car, saying it was sitting on a street in .Abandale. and totaled. We had been trying to find it since it had been stolen for weeks, and now I am left with a heap of metal. UGH! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Hawai skin. A face applier... Continue Reading →

Sand In My Shoes

A great date night for us on the beach, Gwennie will be home soon and I cannot wait for her to see my new outfit. Meanwhile, I am going to relax out here listening to the ocean waves break upon the shore, smelling the salt in the air and enjoying the breeze as it lightly... Continue Reading →

Road to NoWhere

One of the best therapies in the world is what we bikers fondly call, wind therapy. The feel of the wind as it blows through your hair, over your face while you ride with no set destination, just simply to get out there and ride. Because it's not about the destination with us, it's simply... Continue Reading →

All Dressed Up

I got all dressed up, even did my hair different and put on some lipstick. But, it's the middle of the week and there's just nothing happening, so we might stay in. I don't mind, I love spending time with the wife. The Women Only Hunt June 3-30has begun and 7 Deadly s[K]ins has a... Continue Reading →

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