Two Halves of One Heart

Our anniversary is coming up soon and it will be 8 years in Second Life! We are two halves of one heart and this pose shows this sentiment so well we decided we just had to blog it. The pose is the current group gift by Something New which includes the prop and couple poseballs... Continue Reading →

Present Time

Presents abounding our little house and little Aerwen was so excited. So excited in fact, she climbed on one of the presents and sat there fidgeting like a horse prancing in the rain right before a race. We did have some fun making her wait for what to her seemed like eternity. So we took... Continue Reading →

Gussje in Rare Form

  Almond  7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely Guusje special skin with   snowflakes. This is an Omega face and body applier that comes in 4 different skin tones all with snowflakes on them. It is a special purchase item for the Cosmetic Fair Dec 15 - 31 I am wearing the apricot tone in... Continue Reading →

Island Of The Dead

Here the dead are indeed walking, well some of them. This target appeared to be a former victim, but more than likely was the killer of these poor unfortunate souls. No zombie would have ever went to such trouble to secure the bodies. So, as I watched this abomination come into my sights, growling deeply,... Continue Reading →

Morrocan Style

I love colors! The more the merrier and the amazing vibrancy of Morrocan style decor was just what the doctor ordered. So, I tossed on a cute bikini, threw on a coverup dress and set out for my stay-cation.  7 Deadly s[K]ins created a fantastic new skin for us. Rood comes in two versions, freckled... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Of Her Life

So many years she has been my best friend and my loyal companion. Never judging me, simply loving me unconditionally. We began so much younger, life looked brand new then. As we ventured out on our latest journey, jumping through ponds, chasing unsuspecting cats and squirrels, even just lounging about in silent conversation. Those conversations... Continue Reading →


  Walking around the neighborhood at night, we tend to run into some strange and sometimes frightening folks. So, today I brought one of our guard dogs out with me. I like to wander about and put on a great outfit for our nightly walk. Poses are by  Fashiowl Poses. Called Doberdog, this pose prop... Continue Reading →

Two Chic Chicks and a Guinea Pig

Collaboration Post with Gwen Gudkov (Roughneck) Poses Used In this Post Creative Designs Photo Studio (PROFESSIONAL) Aer's little pet on the head is a Guinea.Piggle (Dusk) by NANI. He's part of a gacha collection with lots of the little fellows waiting to be adopted. Aerlinniel Clothing and Accessories Outfit- AdoreZ  Amanda Shorts and Top... Continue Reading →

Outcast Lone Wolf

Outcast Lone Wolf  Model: Sarlah Stark Warmer weather means more riding and Sarlah is more than ready to hit the road in this slick new outfit by V-Twins, a fantastic hair by Exile and skin by 7 Deadly Skins. No set destination, go where the road takes you. The best therapy around. For more information... Continue Reading →

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