The Warrior

 Emerging from the mines, the warrior spread her wings and prepared to take flight. Victory was hers this day!

 Shopping List

7 Deadly s[K]ins – BERLIN. There are several tones to choose from, light to dark, which can be purchased separately or in fatpacks and all include a no brow option. Also, a shape(worn here) is available for purchase,based on the LAQ mesh head, Leia. These are an exclusive at the Secret Affair – Panic at the Zoo Aug 5-Sept 5

StarGazer–  Reptile Glare Set 2 Eyes include 2 Omega applier huds with 12 colors to choose from. An exclusive at Secret Affair – Panic at the Zoo, they are 50% off during the event.

.EscalateD.– Swenja – This hair is partially fitted mesh and comes in 2 sizes – the actual hairbase is resizeable (click it while wearing to bring up the menu) Use the included Style HUD to choose between different options (braids, Streaks) and to pick from 8 metals for the rings.

Also Worn:
LAQ Bree Head

StarGazer– Araquiel Regalia Gacha Set. This gacha collection includes 3 Ultrarare Sets – 2 color options in each set and a pose and animation HUD for the wings!  3 Rares Available in 5 Colors (Totaling 15) and  6 Commons available in 5 Colors (Totalling 30). An exclusive now at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Props and Poses

Persefona – Angel poses from the Persefona Floating Feathers “Morning Bird”set. Includes 5 angel poses with mirrors

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